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Corning Leading a Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace and Community
June 2021
The Office of Racial Equality and Social Unity is one of the newer ways Corning is taking initiative in the betterment of work-life for employees.

ET Telecom: “Corning Launches New Fiber Offering for Telcos to Build Out 5G Networks”
June 2021
Corning SMF-28 Contour optical fiber offers a combination of bend resilience, compatibility, and low loss.

Corning? Guardiant? Wins Gold at Edison Awards
May 2021
Corning? Guardiant? antimicrobial particles earns industry recognition.

The Verge: Apple Invests Another $45 Million in Gorilla Glass Maker Corning
May 2021
Investment will expand Corning’s manufacturing capacity in the US and drive research and development into innovative new technologies.

DigiTimes: “Corning Unveils 10.5G LCD Glass Plant in Wuhan, China”
May 2021
Corning opens a 10.5G LCD glass substrate manufacturing facility co-located with a BOE Technology plant in Wuhan, China.

Barron’s: “A Boom Is Coming in Optical Fiber. Why Corning Will Be the Big Winner.”
April 2021
Corning and U.S. network carriers positioned to roll out more fiber-based broadband services.

Fortune: “Verizon Plans to Offer Indoor 5G Networks by Year-End”
April 2021
Verizon and Corning successfully test private 5G network inside a laboratory.

Car and Driver: “Mercedes-Benz Officially Unveils 2022 EQS Sedan With 56-Inch Interior Display Protected By Gorilla Glass”
April 2021
Coated in a single piece of Gorilla Glass, the Hyperscreen spans the entire dashboard, incorporating three displays within.

Corning Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021
March 2021
Corning, Apple, Samsung, and Google share space with upstarts such as Raspberry Pi, Tempo, and Aira in advancing the utility of the devices in our lives.

Les Echos Profiles Corning’s Operations, Highlights Partnerships and Company’s Innovations
March 2021

Corning Offers to Supply Every Police Department in Steuben County with Body Cameras
March 2021

CNET: “iPhone 12 Mini drop test: The screen is tough as nails”
February 2021
Covered in Apple's new ceramic shield glass, the iPhone 12 Mini's screen proved to be virtually indestructible in drop tests.

Independent Tribune: “Corning Donates $5.5M for Scholarships to More Than 260 N.C. A&T Students”
January 2021
Corning and North Carolina A&T announced a five-year partnership Thursday which will contribute $5.5 million in scholarships to more than 260 students.

Triad Business Journal: “N.C. A&T Receives $5.5 Million Donation from Corning, Largest Corporate Gift in University's History”
January 2021

The New Yorker: “The Race to Make Vials for Coronavirus Vaccines”
December 2020
A Corning factory in upstate New York is running around the clock to help meet the urgent demand.

Popular Science: “An Inside Look at How Fiber Optic Glass is Made”
December 2020
At Corning’s Wilmington, North Carolina factory, high temperatures and intense chemistry turn silica into the backbone of the internet.

Corning Antimicrobial Particles Enable Coatings Demonstrated to Kill SARS-CoV-2
November 2020
Paints & Coatings Industry reports on a new breakthrough in glass-ceramic technology.

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