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Optical Communications Commercial Rotational Program

Commercial Operations Rotational Program

BRiTE (Broad. Relevant. Tangible. Experience.)

Launch your career at Corning Optical Communications with our rotational program designed for new graduates

Explore your career interests & develop your strengths

Each rotation is intentionally designed and includes commercial project work, experiential learning, mentoring relationships, and leadership development opportunities. Participants spend about three months in each function; Sales, Marketing, Product Management, and Engineering Services.

You’ll gain valuable experience while working alongside mentors on real projects and build your network by working with various teams across the organization. In addition to independent project work during each rotation, you will also work as a cohort to apply your learnings and insights to a year-long project with the opportunity to present your results during an executive presentation.

BRiTE includes:

? Oversight by senior leadership and a dedicated program team
? Challenging rotational assignments
? Independent and global team projects
? Opportunities for individual and group development through networking, senior mentoring, and social activities
? Opportunities to join employee resource groups for corporate and community engagement
? Regular open, transparent discussions on performance and development
? High visibility and networking opportunities with top leaders
? Competitive salary

The program intends to build a pipeline of talent to develop into our next generation of leaders. It is a great place for you to begin, what we hope will be, a long and rewarding career with us.

BRiTE is based at the Commercial Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Apply !

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