Dr. Eugene Sullivan

Established Corning's first R&D organization and lab facility in 1908.

Dr. S. Donald Stookey

Discovered CorningWare? glass-ceramics and photosensitive glasses.

Dr. William H. Armistead

Presided over one of the richest innovation periods in Corning's history.

Dr. Martin Nordberg

Developed the Vycor brand glasses for advanced technical applications.

Harrison P. Hood

Invented refractory materials that prolonged the lifespan of glass melting systems.

Dr. J.T. Littleton

Characterized fundamental glass properties and discovered Pyrex? bakeware.

James W. Giffen

Revolutionized the glass industry with innovative manufacturing processes.

Dr. William Chittenden Taylor

Shaped Corning's leadership in glass composition chemistry for many decades.

Dr. James Franklin Hyde

Invented the flame hydrolysis process which led to high purity glass and silicones.

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