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Corning Lotus? NXT Glass

Corning Lotus? NXT Glass

Corning Lotus? NXT Glass

Premium, advantaged glass for the most demanding processing requirements

Corning’s Display Glass Solution for Highest Resolution Devices

Lotus NXT Glass is a premium glass solution designed to withstand high-temperature processing requirements while providing industry-leading levels of low total pitch variation. This results in brighter, more energy-efficient displays with higher resolutions for consumers, and better yields for panel-makers.

Thermally and dimensionally stable, Lotus NXT Glass is formulated to perform exceptionally well in OLED and high-resolution LCD manufacturing processes, ideal for highest-resolution LTPS displays and other applications requiring precision glass. It is awell suited for processing temperatures up to?600°C.

As the mobile display market looks more toward OLED technology, Lotus NXT Glass continues to emerge as this industry’s display-glass leader for rigid and flexible OLED panels. Lotus NXT Glass is an ideal solution for two glass layers within a rigid OLED panel: the substrate and encapsulant. And while flexible OLED panels generally use a plastic substrate to enable curved – and even bendable – device designs, these plastic panels rely on a display-quality carrier like Lotus NXT Glass to thrive through the demanding manufacturing process.

Simply put, Lotus NXT Glass is advantaged. It not only meets, but exceeds, current display industry requirements?— and offers the highest resolutions for emerging technologies.

Emerging Display Technologies and the Role of Precision Glass

The industry is always looking ahead for the next big thing – including several emerging display technologies that Corning is prepared to support.

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