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Doing our Part to Combat COVID-19

Doing our Part to Combat COVID-19

Corning is proud to play a critical role in helping with the delivery of vaccines and other medical countermeasures during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Both our borosilicate glass tubing and Valor? Glass vials are a contributing to the supply chain for COVID-19 pharmaceutical products. .

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Corning Announces Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Joint Venture in Bengbu, China

Corning Announces Pharmaceutical Packaging JV in Bengbu, China


Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced a joint venture (JV) agreement with Bengbu Innovation Venture Capital Co. Ltd. in Bengbu, China.

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U.S. Departments of Defense, Health & Human Services select Corning Valor? Glass packaging to accelerate delivery of COVID-19 vaccines

Corning Valor? Glass Selected to Help Accelerate Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines and Drugs


Corning to receive $204M in funding to substantially expand domestic manufacturing capacity under White House’s Operation Warp Speed Initiative.

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