Resources for COVID-19

You need a dependable solution.
As we continue to navigate our new “normal,” we want you to know that Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies and are here to?support you.

We’re in the fight with you and standing in the gap.
From glass tubing for diagnostic test kits, to glass vials for clinical drug trials for vaccines, to providing Corning Valor? Glass packaging to help fill the gap for projected drug and pharmaceutical shortages due to Coronavirus (COVID-19); we are committed to the best of our ability to serving our customers. Whether you need assistance with medical?glass packaging, or you need consumables from our for vaccine process development; we may be able to assist.

Stay healthy and reach out with questions.
Protecting your ability to provide essential injectable drug therapies for patients is critical, now more than ever. If you have a question, concern, or a need for high-quality pharmaceutical glass tubing or vials;

Helpful Links
Learn how Valor Glass can help .

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