Sustainability Goals

Corning's sustainability goals demonstrate our long-view approach to positive environmental, social, and governance-related business practices.

Corning’s goals were adopted after a materiality assessment identified issues most important to the company and its stakeholders. The goals align with the? (SDGs) below adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals


Energy Management?– By 2030, Corning Incorporated will increase its use of renewable energy by 400% from a 2018 baseline.

Water Conservation?– Corning Incorporated will enhance its water strategies across Corning sites, prioritizing manufacturing plants and communities in high-risk water-scarce regions, by 2025.

Waste Management?– Corning Incorporated will enhance its waste strategies across Corning sites, prioritizing manufacturing plants, by 2025.



Sustainable Supply Chain?– 100% of Corning Incorporated’s high risk suppliers and contract manufacturers will be certified as socially responsible by 2025.

Occupational Health and Safety?– Corning Incorporated will continue to maintain our safety metrics in the top quartile of our industry benchmark values.

Community Involvement and Partnerships?– Corning Incorporated will encourage increased volunteerism efforts year over year by supporting, rewarding, and recognizing employees’ efforts in the community.



Corporate Governance and Risk Management?

  • Corning Incorporated will maintain a diverse board.
  • Corning Incorporated’s Corporate Relations Committee of its Board of Directors will review the sustainability program annually.
  • Corning Incorporated will address Environmental, Social, and Governance issues in its Enterprise Risk Management Process.

Ethical Business Practices?–?All Corning Incorporated employees will understand Corning’s Code of Conduct, including how to report allegations of ethical or legal misconduct.

Transparency and Reporting?– Corning Incorporated will issue a sustainability report in 2021 and every year thereafter.

Environmental and Social Advocacy?– Corning Incorporated will continue its advocacy for environmental and social issues.

More on Sustainability at Corning

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